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Before getting the codes and settings you have to know how to activate your gprs/wap service according to your service provider, because you cant browse on your pc with a phone and sim that is not yet activated.

To activate your gprs/wap simply go to your message box type "SETTINGS" and send to "3888", you will be automatically sent the gprs settings for you phone model, just save it and thats all for that. But when you receive a message telling you that your phone cannot be automatically configured, then you either take it to their office for manual configuration or configure it yourself with these settings.

connection name: MTN WAP
Homepage; or
Account name: MTN WAP
Access point (APN)
IP Address:
Port: 9201, 9119, 8080
User name; web
Password: web

Home page: http://
Account name: mtn mms
Access point:
IP address:
Port: 9201
For more assistance, call 180 or 181.

Go to your message box type "wap/gprs(space) name of the phone(space) model" or "mmsgprs(phone name and model e.g for nokia N95, mmsgprsnokiaN95)" and you send it to +232 or 184 or 232 and a message will be sent to you to save the settings, save it using 0 or 0000. For manual setup
Account name: Celtel NG or zain